Program at a Glance

The delegates are advised that their presentations should be loaded in the Preview Room up to 06Hr prior to the presentation time. Use of individual laptops or pendrives are NOT permitted. Presentations should be in PowerPoint format and not in Keynote or Prezi format.

Preview Room Timings:
30 Nov - 03 Dec: 0900 Hr - 1700 Hr.
04 Dec: 0900 Hr - 1100 Hr.

Instruction to Moderators:

Moderators have an important responsibility to conduct the oral and poster sessions to adhere to the time limits. All the Moderators are requested to gently guide the presenters to finish within allocated time.

Time Limits:

Oral presentations

8 min for presentation
2 min for discussion

Poster presentations

5 min for presentation
2 min for discussion

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Pre Congress Workshop Program

Accompanying Person Program

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